Our Value


To seamlessly blend expertise in PR,events, and travel, crafting unforgettablecross-cultural experiences. Moreover, weassist GCC and Chinese brands inentering and thriving in these markets,reinforcing our commitment to fosteringglobal connections.


  • Exceed client expectations through unparalleled service quality andcustomized solutions in PR, events, and travel.

  • Foster meaningful connections between individuals and cultures, facilitating cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

  • Expertly execute PR campaigns, events, and travel experiences that resonate with our diverse clientle.

  • Commit to excellence and continuous innovation, leveraging the latest resources and development trends in GCC and China to create innovative products and services.

  • Collabrate with brands and industries from GCC and China, assisting them in establishing their presence in these markets.

Our Service

Conducts market research andanalysis on tourism market trends,with a primary focus on the GCC and Chinese market, providing insights on preferences, behaviors, and trends to help GCC and Chinese stakeholders understand the targetmarket and align their strategies effectively.



Develops customized strategies for GCC and Chinese stakeholders to enhance their ability to attract and cater to visitors and investors,optimizing opportunities for growth and collaboration

Travel Contents

Crafting customized marketing campaigns, initiatives, and events for the GCC and Chinese markets, our focus lies in attracting travelers interested in longer stays and higher spending in both GCC and China. Continuously exploring new destinations and travel trends, we innovate our products and services to offer fresh and enticing experiences for clients.


Ushine helps to establish partnerships between GCC and Chinese public & private entities, by utilizing its extensive network and expertise in both market.

Our Resources

Strong Relation

Fostering strong relationships with private and public entities in GCC & China, we have forged strategic partnerships with premier partners from both regions, catering to diverse leading industries.

Access to Unique Destinations

At our special access to destinations, spanning GCC and China, we leverage diverse resources to craft innovative activities and itineraries tailored to your preferences.


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