The Story of Success in China

International Collaboration

Ushine Agritech is set to create an Agtime APP dedicated to managing the Desert Crop Eco Park project, incorporating localized elements by leveraging the valuable experience and database of our esteemed China partner, Agtime. The experiences from Agtime China will serve as a strong foundation for the APP's seamless integration and efficient project management.

The Agtime App boasts a total of 260,000 SKUs (stock keeping unit) and collaborates with 60,000 suppliers, spanning across more than 1,900 counties in China.

Deep cooperation with more than 6,000 large enterprises, covering online and offline sales channels of major categories.

With more than 300 top industrial Agricultural Scientists and AI planting industry top-level experts in China.

With more than 1,000 industrial technology innovation cooperation organizations, we are able to quickly target key technology points that constrain industrial development and rapidly iterate on science and technology solutions.